Let's Celebrate!!

We have completed our God'sText readings.  

Reflecting on God'sText -- Sunday's Bible Class

Join the Bible Class at 10:20 A.M. in the Fellowship Hall as we reflect on our two-year read-through-the-Bible, God'sText.  Come share your experiences -- joys, insights, struggles -- through the process. How did it help you to understand the Bible? How did it affect you?  Did you develop a pattern for daily and ongoing reading of God's Word?  How will you continue to "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ" as a disciple?  What's next?

Our Lenten Worship:


We will worship at Noon and 6:00pm

Our theme is "Onward Christian Soldiers"

This week's Sermon theme:

"Train Like It's Live"


Worship with us each Sunday at 9:00AM

(In-person, online, and radio 800AM)


Holy Week Worship Opportunities:

 Maundy Thursday: 

  12Noon and 7:00pm  (HC)

Good Friday:   

 12Noon and 7:00pm

 Resurrection Sunday:

6:00am (HC), 8:00am (HC), 10:00am  (HC)